Member Benefits

Competitive Advantage 


Portfolio of knowledge exchange, networking forums & professional acumen and expertise.

The Australasian Solutions Group helps its members and their clients gain a competitive advantage and keep it.


Membership with the Australasian Solutions Group offers the following benefits to your firm and your clients:


  • Exchange of information, knowledge and expertise in a variety of technical areas including IT, litigation support, international auditing standards and taxation

  • Australasian co-operation and networking to expand both the reach and scope of your business

  • Opportunities to increase your business through referral work or Australasian collaborations

  • Networking, business opportunities, advice and information exchanged in a co-operative environment, designed to stimulate and exchange ideas

  • Fostering long-term, highly rewarding professional and personal relationships

  • Enhanced professional standing and competitive positioning, while retaining total practice independence


As an Australasian Solutions Group member, you tap into a powerful network of financial professionals in your region and nationwide through a comprehensive portfolio of knowledge-exchange, networking forums and programs that enhance your professional acumen and expertise.


One of the most powerful benefits of Australasian Solutions Group is an Australasian referral network which provides opportunities for members to increase their business by partnering on referral work.


Through opportunities to meet face-to-face and develop business and personal relationships, members have the advantage of referring business to people that they know they can trust to serve their clients’ national needs.

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